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Am I Enough? How to Determine Your Worth

Dec 04, 2018

Have you considered becoming an entrepreneur, but wonder… “Am I Enough?”

In my last post, I covered feeling like you may not have enough education to be a business owner. If you missed that one or two, you might want to hop back over and check them out… Take Me to PART 1   /   Take Me to PART 2

Today in Part 3, I wanted to address one of the most frequently asked questions I see… "How do I know what to charge for my products or services?"

Determining Your Worth (PPV)

Knowing what value to place on your products can be excruciating for someone who’d still determining their place as an entrepreneur. You might feel if you set your pricing too high, you’ll be driving away potential customers. But if you set your prices too low, you’re destroying any real profit you might make.

Here’s what you ultimately need to get your head around… Your product value is not determined by the item you sell. ...

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