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"Perfection" Is A Dirty Word!

Feb 20, 2019

Are you a perfectionist?

Do you have to make everything just so, before you can show it to the world? Well then this is the post for you, because perfectionism is crippling your productivity and your business. Below, I'm going to tell you about how it almost completely detailed my business before it even started and how I got past it.

In the beginning…

When I first started my website, I wanted it to be absolutely perfect! I spent weeks on end fussing over color combinations, logo creation, font choices, layout… and on and on!

 The first product didn’t go live on my website for a full month. I would make adjustment after adjustment after adjustment trying to get it absolutely perfect. Then I’d review it and start over because some part of it didn’t look JUST RIGHT!

 I toiled away needlessly for far too long on that one single product before it ever went live and once I hit publish………...

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