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Am I Enough? How to Determine Your Worth

Dec 04, 2018

Have you considered becoming an entrepreneur, but wonder… “Am I Enough?”

In my last post, I covered feeling like you may not have enough education to be a business owner. If you missed that one or two, you might want to hop back over and check them out… Take Me to PART 1   /   Take Me to PART 2

Today in Part 3, I wanted to address one of the most frequently asked questions I see… "How do I know what to charge for my products or services?"

Determining Your Worth (PPV)

Knowing what value to place on your products can be excruciating for someone who’d still determining their place as an entrepreneur. You might feel if you set your pricing too high, you’ll be driving away potential customers. But if you set your prices too low, you’re destroying any real profit you might make.

Here’s what you ultimately need to get your head around… Your product value is not determined by the item you sell. ...

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Am I Enough? No Degree… No Problem!

Dec 04, 2018

Do you ever ask yourself the question… “Am I Enough?”

In an earlier post, I talked about the question that burns so intensely in so many of our minds… “Am I enough?” And I covered the topic of being a recovering people pleaser. If you missed part 1, make sure you go back and check it out HERE.

In Part 2, I wanted to go over another concern you might have about choosing an entrepreneurial lifestyle… “Do I have enough education to be an entrepreneur?”

Squashing the Myth

Well let me start by saying once again YOU ARE ENOUGH! Exactly who you are right now, is exactly who you’re supposed to be.

Can you do better? We all can. And the way we do better is to go ahead, take those leaps, make those mistakes and learn from them. Go forward knowing more, stronger than we were before.

The Secret to Becoming Successful

I’m a business owner. I’ve had my online business for over 6 years as of the date of this post....

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Am I Enough? Confessions of a Serial People Pleaser

Dec 04, 2018

Do you ever ask yourself the question… “Am I Enough?”

If you do, you're certainly not alone. Let's talk to you about the things that may cause you to ask yourself the question “Am I Enough?” and how to address them so they don’t end up holding you back.

Being a People Pleaser

As a female entrepreneur I have a bit of a stigma with this topic and if you’re anything like me you’re probably in the same boat. I affectionately refer to myself as a “Recovering People Pleaser”.

Being a people pleaser usually is accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of guilt, if your compelled to make everyone happy at the same time. And that guilt can feel like it’s massively amplified when you try to overcome this compulsion.

What most people pleasers have in common is an almost uncontrollable habit of saying “YES” to absolutely everyone and everything that they feel might need their undivided attention, regardless of...

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