Designer In A Day by Nicole Thompson
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It's Time to Gain Creative Control Over Your Digital Graphics!

With Designer In A Day You'll Be Designing Your Own Digital Graphics Like A PRO In As Little As ONE DAY!


Designer In A Day

"Designer In A Day" is a DIY course that was created to help entrepreneurs just like you, with a need for simple graphic design skills on the fly.
Learn from a professional graphic designer, how you can quickly & most importantly EASILY create your own digital graphics for things like Print On Demand t-shirts & mugs, social media, eBooks, podcast covers, and MORE!
You can be designing like a pro in a little as
Enrollment is closed

Does this sound like you?

"I'm tired of paying too much for graphics!"

"I'm so annoyed with how long it takes to get graphics designed, and they never look like what I envisioned!"

"I'm wish I could design graphics myself to save money, time & headaches!"

Does any of this feel familiar?

• You'd love to start your own Print On Demand business, but worry you won't be able to create graphics for your products…

• You've dabbled around in complicated graphics programs, only to end up frustrated and wanting to give up…

• You have so many great graphic ideas, but don't want to wait around for a design agency to bring your ideas to life…


Learning Graphic Design Has NEVER Been Easier!

Designer In A Day takes the fear & guesswork out of designing graphics and breaks it down to the basics to help you go from beginner graphics to designing with confidence, like a PRO in practically no time at all!

Designer In A Day Is For You If…

You're tired of feeling like you don't have the skills to create professional looking graphic designs yourself.

You shudder at the thought of spending tons of money on complicated software, that you'll never have the time to learn how to use.

You see cool & interesting graphics, but think, "I could never make anything that looks like that!"

You're tired of spending hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on graphic design services, only to WAIT for a graphic you don't love!

If this sounds like you, then it's HIGH TIME you find a BETTER WAY! 

Designer In A Day…

Is a DIY course that I created to help you learn how you can create YOUR OWN GRAPHIC DESIGNS in minutes, so that you can eliminate the headaches and frustrations of having to rely on and pay for a graphic design service!

With Designer In A Day…
You'll learn from a professional graphic designer how you can start creating your own digital graphics, quickly & easily! (Most lessons are 5 mins or less!)

You'll gain the SKILLS & CONFIDENCE you need to create your own professional looking digital graphics the RIGHT WAY, eliminating the guesswork once and for all!

You'll learn how YOU can design your own graphics for things like Print On Demand products, eBooks, social media, podcast covers & SO MUCH MORE!

When you sign up today you'll FINALLY be able to kiss those graphic design headaches goodbye for good!

What You'll Get…

Online Classes

Classes are taught online in pre-recorded, bite-sized lessons, which can easily be used side-by-side while creating your first designs!

Learn At Your Own Pace

With 'LIFETIME' access, you learn at your own pace. PLUS you get the Graphic Designer's Checklist to download & use again and again as a constant reference guide!

Custom Templates

You'll also get my FREE custom made templates to download, use & keep forever, to make creating your graphics even easier than you ever thought possible!


Who is Designer In A Day for?

Designer In A Day was created with the busy entrepreneur in mind, but was designed to be able to teach graphic design to ANYONE!

When are the classes held?

As a DIY class, you get to learn at your own pace.
Take your time and go through the lessons when it’s most convenient for you!
~ NO prescheduled classes ~
~ NO deadlines to meet ~
~ Come back and revisit lessons any time ~

Do I need to have any graphic design skills before I start?

Nope! Designer In A Day is made up of super simple to follow, bite-sized video lessons (most are 5 minutes or less), making it extremely easy to learn how to create stunning graphics, so even someone who's never designed a graphic in their life, could learn to design with ease!

What types of graphic designs will I learn how to make?

The possibilities are endless! Whether you're a complete beginner or someone looking to learn a faster, easier way to create professional looking, eye-catching, and most importantly FUNCTIONAL graphic designs, Designer In A Day delivers it all!

From creating an eBook, to starting a Print On Demand store or even if you want to make some scroll-stopping social media graphics, Designer In A Day is the answer you've been looking for!

How long will it take for me to create my own designs?

As it says in the title, with Designer In A Day, students can begin learning to design their own graphics in as little as ONE DAY!
Most students are creating their own graphic designs in 24 hours or less!
(Many within the FIRST HOUR of class!)

Everyone learns at their own pace, so I welcome you to take your time and go through each lesson step-by-step, to ensure you get the most out of this program.

How long will I have access to this course?

You will always have access to your version of Designer In A Day for as long as the program exists. Occasionally we will release a new version of Designer In A Day with the latest platform updates & lessons. When this happens as a Designer In a Day Alumni, you will receive a significant discount to the updated version of the course materials. You'll have the option of staying with your current version or upgrading. However, if there are minor updates, we'll just upgrade everyone accordingly. Legally you cannot say "lifetime" as it's too vague, and who's life time is it? Yours or mine? 😜

I'm Nicole, Your Graphics Guru Go-To-Girl!

For the past 29 years I’ve helped thousands of clients look better in print & social media by creating eye-catching graphics that wowed their clients & grew their brand. As a small business owner myself, I know just how limited and valuable your time is, and how every piece of content you present to your audience matters!

I created this course to remove the guesswork and make it possible for you to finally take creative control over your graphic designs by giving you the confidence to design them for yourself!

So what do you say? Are you ready to become a graphic designer TODAY?